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Silver Giant Room Decorating Kit
£ 13.99  each
Solid Colour Decorations - Silver Giant Room Decorating Kit
more information:
2x 36 Inch Foil Swirls.
2x 24 Inch Foil swirls with attachments.
2 x 4ft String Decorations.
2x 3ft String Decorations.
4x 12 inch Foil board cutouts.
3x 15 inch Foil board cutouts.
1x 9 Inch Cardboard Cutout.
1x 6 Inch Cardboard Cutout.
2x 10ft foil fringe Garlands (5 inch wide).
2x 10ft foil Garlands (15 inch Wide).
Plus 50ft of string for hanging your decorations.
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